5 Stylish ways to redesign your kitchen

For buyers, this could be a potential deal breaker however, sellers rarely invest in their time and money for remodeling. Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 5 sure ways of putting style and could potentially increase the chances of getting it off the market as quickly as you can!


Gives a dazzle to every kitchen indeed but you don’t have to buy those expensive, high end granite or marble. You can try covering tired laminated tops with RustOleum’s durable countertop transformation product or you may try using butcher-type block tops at IKEA.


A very important element that must not be ignored. Good lighting can transform your kitchen and make it look larger and highlights it’s best feature. Perhaps you can install lighting under cabinets, over dining tables. Opt for light-emitting diode bulbs to conserve energy. If the bulb is compatible with dimmers, that would be a good extra bonus could be to show off.


Sellers should consider redoing the layout, where possible. Have fun in rearranging things that you think could work. Buyers nowadays opt for an open kitchen design, with lots of space. Get on your creative side and think how you would like your kitchen to be, they’d probably like it too.


Trust me, backsplashes can truly make a difference! There are a lot of self-adhesive tiles that are easy to install including modern patterns with different sizes, shapes and colors. Get some opinion on which pattern or color to use, and choose what you think would best compliment the house.


Go with the affordable ones. Opt for a pressed than the solid wood interiors. Saving costs in replacing the cabinets helps lower the budget tremendously, as it represents more or less half of the remodeling cost. But if possible, consider those with good quality. You can try check out IKEA or you can repaint it with Ace Hardware’s Cabinet, Door & Trim paint that yields out a finished result.

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