5 Natural ways to make your home smell amazing!

Lemon and Rosemary

rosemary-674505_1920Combining lemon, rosemary, water and vanilla extract will leave your house smelling fresh and clean. There’s even no need to buy a new container, just use your old container jar or a mason jar and you’re all set for this DIY natural freshness!lemon-756390_1280



Baking Soda

It is no surprise that baking soda has been a popular
household name when it comes to deodorizing. It has been used for years and it’s been proven and tested as an effective air freshener. You should try it!

Potpourri potpourri-20488_1920

Easy-to-make and customizable – potpourri definitely makes it in our top list. You can use ingredients of your liking and change it up as often as you can according to your mood. Who said potpourri is a thing in the past?

Reed Diffuser

A popular choice because of their eclectic design, a reel diffuser is very easy to make and can be as customizable as a potpourri too.

Fragrant Simmer Pot

Simmer select fragrant ingredients together in a pot and there you have it, a natural way of freshness in your home. It has been used for centuries and brings about wonderful smell all day long.

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