5 Ways to Boost Home Security

A break-in is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Whether you have a complex alarm system or a simple lock on the door,  you can learn how to boost your home security.

• Choose the right locks – Quality locks, costing up to $175, are worth the price rather than buying non-quality locks because they resist picking and even drilling. You may also invest in a pull-apart key chain, so your home keys stays with you whenever you when your car is in service.

• Keep it bright – Avoid blind spots by illuminating areas around doors and windows. Lights outside should be installed high above so they can’t be easily disabled. Using low-voltage light systems can be connected to motion detectors for more protection.
• Kickproof your doors – Adding more reinforcement to the doors will greatly help protect your home. Most doors, whether solid wood, fiberglass or steel, are resistant to hard blows. The problem is the door jamb area near the lock’s strike plate. Using a three-inch deadbolt, about $10, you are strengthening weak spots on your doors. Use three-inch long screws to mount them so they lodge in the framing beyond the door jamb. (And don’t overlook the door that leads into your house from the garage.)

• Don’t leave garage door openers in your car – Never forget to close garage doors as they can be an open invitation to robbers. Make a habit of checking all doors including the garage closed at all times and tuck door opener into your purse or briefcase whenever you park your car away from home.
• Landscape wisely – Branches of trees that reaches up to the windows should be trimmed regularly to avoid intrusion through those areas. Tall plants and high fences can provide cover for criminals – and that gravel beds around the perimeter of the house make it easier to hear anyone lurking outside.

Stay tuned for other tips in my blog.

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