Easy way to store receipts and track expenses using Homekeepr

After all the fun and celebration during the holidays, you may find yourself getting back to business and preparing your budget the next year. That could include a major home renovation or small things like updating kitchen appliances, new furnitures, cool gadgets, etc. Nobody likes to keep receipts and most of us just crumple and throw in the trash.

There are those purchases however that needs to kept for warranty or insurance and the like and we sometimes even forget where we stored them! Thats where Homekeepr do the work for you.

Homekeepr has made it incredibly easy to help you track your expenses by simply taking a photo of the receipt. It gets stored, transcribed and tracked, now how cool is that? With Homekeepr, you will never worry about your warranty gone away.

Watch this short video on how to upload a receipt.

Aside from that, you get to see all of my recommended vendors, get reminders for inspections and many more! You can even easily access Homekeepr on my myKW Mobile Search app with just a few taps on your phone.

Create your Homekeepr account today and store your receipts right away!


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Amy Merrill
Real Estate Salesperson

Keller Williams Realty GR West

550 Latona Rd., Bldg. C, Ste 301

Rochester, NY 14626

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For more properties, please visit www.amymerrill.net.

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