Is your price on target?

Pricing your home is a very important discussion when deciding to sell your home. It is important to strike the balance of pricing and packaging to find the right buyer in the market.

Where pricing is concerned, establishing the asking price is part science and part art. This is something I can definitely help you with. Read below and see some things to consider when pricing your property.

Research past sales. This is considered as a starting point of any sales strategy. As a Realtor with more than 10 years of experience, I can help analyze data and state facts. Having a clear understanding of true market value is the first step in establishing your list price.

Research active listings. Be aware of the competition.

Don’t over price. Even when you think you have the ‘time’, you need to be aware of the market. If you don’t price properly, you will end up chasing the market and costing yourself money in the process.

Leave room for negotiation. Your price should give both parties room to maneuver. If you price your home too high, then buyers are just going to pass it up.

Think like a buyer. You might be selling your home to buy another property that you like. What is it that you like? Most likely a nice large lawn, a lot of space, clean environment, etc. You can talk to me about current buyer trends and with my experience, I can give recommendations to help make your home more attractive to buyers.

Be decisive and react swiftly. If you receive a feedback about the price that is too aggressive, then don’t hesitate to talk to your agent for options, bad news, like spoiled milk, doesn’t get better with time.. As your agent, I can give you advice on current price comparisons and a plan in case the house sits in the market without any activity.

The first two weeks in the market are very crucial in the selling process so first impression is everything.

Talk to me and I can show you how me and my team will serve you and how we can help you sell your house the shortest possible time!

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Amy Merrill
Real Estate Salesperson

Keller Williams Realty GR West

550 Latona Rd., Bldg. C, Ste 301

Rochester, NY 14626

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