Keller Williams Realty of Rochester Holding Care Package Drive for Deployed Troops

with realty

Beginning today and running thru August 21st at 4 pm, Keller Williams Greater Rochester West in Greece and Keller Williams Greater Rochester in Brighton will be collecting items and money for care packages. These care packages will be shipped to our deployed troops, both on ships and overseas. All monetary donations will be applied toward the shipping costs of the care packages.

If you have a service member who you wish to receive a care package, please contact Amy Merrill at 585-758-8306 or

Keller Williams Greater Rochester West is located at 1934 W. Ridge Rd, Rochester (Greece), NY 14626. Contact is Amy Merrill 585-758-8306 or

Keller Williams Greater Rochester is located at 2000 Winton Rd South, Bldg 1, Ste 201, Rochester (Brighton), NY 14618. Contact is Angie Flack-Brown 585-341-8722 or

The list below is just suggestions from the Blue Star Mothers Roc Chapter 8 experiences from packing our sons and daughters care packages – what they have asked for, wanted or needed while deployed. Getting mail from home is so important to our deployed men and women, it is a big morale booster.

Our deployed soldiers, sailors, airmen, coasties, and Marines have little storage and generally must stow or carry nearly 50lbs in equipment and gear so think about size and weight when selecting items to send. Think camping when selecting items to send, the smaller the better, nothing in glass containers, no aerosols, nothing that needs refrigeration or will melt. Small plastic containers are best, trial size items are best, easy to pack and carry. The items in red below are always in demand.

Baby Wipes, packets or refill packages better than tubs, they take the place of a shower
Hand sanitizer, small bottles or single packages
Wipes, Anti-bacterial, Clorox wipes
Eye drops

Saline Solution, small bottles

Saline spray, drops for noses

Lip balm, Blistex, Vaseline, Carmex

Deodorant (not anti-perspirant) roll-on or gel only

Foot powder, Gold Bond is popular

Foot spray, Anti-fungal
Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin for sore feet, gel insoles


Shampoo, Conditioner; small plastic bottles                                 Pringles
Body wash, small plastic bottles                                                  Crackers, boxed
Body lotion, tube only                                                                    Cookies; no chocolate
Wash clothes                                                                               Beef Jerky, slim jims
Q-tips; many uses, travel size packs                                         Powdered drink mixes: individual packets
Sun screen, Sun block, Aloe Vera                                            Canned meat (tuna, chicken, salmon etc)
Talcum powder, Gold Bond is popular                                                           Gum; sugarless preferred
Shaving gel, no pressurized cans                                                                     Granola, protein, power bars, trail mix
Disposable razors, Quattro, Mach 3 preferred                                           Pop-tarts
Toothbrushes                                                  Ready-to-eat pop-top lids: soup, ravioli, spaghetti, beef stew
Toothbrush caps                                                                                  Hard Candy; no chocolate
Toothpaste                                                                                           Canned fruit: pop-top lids
Dental floss, picks
Feminine hygiene products, pads & tampons
Laundry soap; small single load packs, trial size, or tablets
Dryer sheets

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