Start the New Year Right! Get Your Finances in Order

At some point in their lives, everyone struggles with finances. It could be that you have never learned to make a budget, maybe you have accumulated a lot of debt & have no idea how to get started paying it down. Or it may be as simple as not being able to communicate with your significant other about your finances. The last was a problem between my husband and myself. Until someone at the office offered to teach Financial Peace University. My husband and  myself, a few other couples, and even 1 single guy took this class. We all walked away feeling at least a little bit more financial peace in our lives. My husband and I can now discuss our finances without fighting. It doesn’t mean one or the other of us is always happy, but we’re working on things. You see, you have to take baby steps. And in this class, Dave Ramsey teaches you the baby steps & in what order to take these baby steps so that you too can achieve Financial Peace in your life.

It gave me so much peace of mind about our finances, that I decided I want to help others find the peace that I have. So I volunteered to teach the Financial Peace University Classes so I could pay it forward.

I would like to invite all of you to take this class with me & our instructor Dave. There are materials that you have to buy when you register- a workbook, book and some other tools to help you get started. So don’t delay, sign up today. If you can’t afford to buy these materials, start stuffing an envelope marked Financial Peace University with whatever extra money you have. It could be $1, 2, 5, 10. Whatever you can spare, whenever you can. I promise you won’t regret taking this class, only that you didn’t take it sooner. I will be holding more classes in the future.

Be sure to contact me with any questions.

fpu flyer for blog

Printable Flyer – flyer_8.5x11_b


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