Is Your Agent Pet Friendly?

Listing your house for sale can be a little more stressful when you are a pet owner. You already have to worry about keeping your house clean, but because you have pets, you now have additional worries. Does my house smell? Is there fur anywhere? Does the back yard have any surprises that guests can accidentally step in? What do I do with my pets during the showings?

Many people don’t think to ask their Realtors or Real Estate Agents if they are pet friendly. That is important if you have pets. A Realtor’s job is to help you sell your home, but are they willing to help out in the pet department? Do they require you to remove your pet from the home for every showing? If you work, that may limit the times of day or days of the week that your house can be shown. That limits the buyers that may come through your house. Those buyers may not be available to look at houses on those days or at those times!

I happen to be a pet friendly agent. I will ask you about your pet’s personalities and habits and come up with a plan for the showings. This will ensure more agents and potential buyers will see your home, therefore increasing the chances of a quicker sale.

ryker blog
Ryker giving home tour. Will your agent help you with your pets during home showings?

So, if a pet is a member of your household and it’s time to sell, give me a call. We’ll meet (yes, even the pets!) to determine the best plan of action for selling your home! I’d like to make the home sale process as stress free as possible for every member of your household and take a little of the extra pet burden off your hands.


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